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DILZA SA is a company that stood out from the beginning in its appearance on the market. A successful and ever rising 40-year-old course recognized its name and products in the minds of the modern consumer.

Comprehensive marketing, competent staff, excellent quality products is the dominant factors that contributed to continued growth.

In the  show-rooms operating in Thessaloniki, places worth to visit, the consumer can find everything related to furniture fabric and curtain.

A large number of choices and all European brand names represented are elite and widely known.

Wide range of designs, result of continuous search, is offered for complete solutions distinguished for their high aesthetic quality.

Exclusive designs of curtains, combinations with imagination, provide their own touch of elegance.

Among the current objectives of the company is to promote and show the potential of the trigeminal SPACE, FURNITURE, FABRIC, an aim similar with the immediate goals of modern consumers.

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  • 2 - Furniture Fabrics & Curtains in Thessaloniki

Selected upholstery fabrics to create unique combinations and give a different style to your space. 

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